How to Disclose Herpes with Confidence and Without Fear...

If you want to disclose your herpes status without anxiety, misunderstanding, or relationship strain... please read every word on this page because this may very well be the best way to disclose with confidence ever!

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What It Is

Imagine feeling super confident when telling your partner you have herpes.

You won't have to worry about messing up, crying, or getting rejected. And you won't be in the dark about when to have that important talk.

How? Say hello to the "Tell Your Partner Toolkit."

The big benefit is gaining confidence.

The common obstacles won't stand in your way. With our "Tell Your Partner Toolkit," you'll first understand the importance of disclosure. Then, you'll learn how to navigate the disclosure conversation based on your relationship type.

It's not about seeking acceptance anymore. Instead, you'll set boundaries and decide if the next step is right for both of you.

Say farewell to asking for forgiveness and hello to confident conversations!

Part 1: What To Expect

In the first part of our online course, we're kicking off with a speedy sneak peek into the entire journey. I totally get the frustration of diving into a course without a clue about what's coming – that's why we've got this handy 2:22 video to give you the lowdown.

Our ultimate mission with this course? To have you rocking confidence and handling disclosure like a total pro! Imagine a toolkit that's your trusty guide, leading you through each step with simplicity and crystal-clear instructions. This toolkit isn't just a guide; it's your confidence booster, empowering you to open up to your partner with courage.

And here's the best part – we're right there with you, holding your hand every step of the way. You won't feel alone in this journey; we've got your back from start to finish. Let's transform the way you approach disclosure together!

Part 2: Why It's Important To Disclose

In part two of our one of a kind online course, get ready for a journey that's going to change the game in your relationships. We're talking about benefits that will make you the maestro of setting boundaries and having those tricky conversations about herpes.

It's important to understand what type of relationship you want. Often times when we're diagnosed with herpes we feel that we have to fit into a specific box for a type of relationship. Well, you'll see that it simply isn't true.

Also, we'll discuss why the disclosure matters based of the Different Relationships

Whether it's a casual hookup, a quest for long-term love, or you're already in a committed relationship, we've got you covered.

Plus you'll also learn that there's a crucial time to open up, and doing so can actually help with the emotional pain. Plus, we'll show you how disclosing builds a solid foundation in your relationship, preventing future heartaches. And how disclosing can actually reduces stress, leading to fewer outbreaks and a healthier, happier you.

Part 3: What Holds Us Back From Telling

In part three, get ready to conquer fears and transform your approach to relationships. This module is all about understanding why we fear rejection in the first place. It's like shining a spotlight on the boogeyman in your closet – once you understand it, it loses its power.

We'll explore how this fear makes us build walls to avoid getting hurt, risking the trust in our relationships. It's time to break free from this fear, so you can have open, honest connections without the fear of rejection lurking in the shadows.

Get ready to revolutionize your heart, overcome rejection fears, and build relationships based on trust and openness. It's time for your Fearless Heart Revolution!

Part 4: Herpes 101

In part four of our amazing online course, get ready to unravel the mysteries of herpes and boost your confidence like never before. This module is all about turning you into a herpes expert, making disclosures a breeze.

When you don't understand the ins and outs of herpes, disclosure can feel like a daunting task.

You'll become the master of herpes knowledge. Imagine having all the answers to questions like: Is a cold sore herpes? How is herpes transmitted? What sexual acts can transmit herpes? It's like having a superhero cape of knowledge.

We'll dive deep into the differences between HSV1 and HSV2, tackle questions about testing, outbreaks, and transmission. No more feeling unprepared – you'll have the knowledge to ace any herpes-related conversation!

To be hones you'll not only learn stats but probably know more than your doctor about herpes. Picture yourself confidently sharing information, knowing you've got the facts.

Part 5: What Happens If You Don't Disclose

In part five of our course you'll begin to understand the mind game behind herpes disclosure and uncover the consequences of not sharing. This module is your key to unlocking the hidden barriers and understanding why disclosure is crucial.

This module is your decoder to unravel those hidden thoughts. Imagine uncovering the root cause that's been keeping you from opening up about herpes. It's like shining a light on the dark corners of your mind.

Ever wondered what happens if you don't disclose?

You'll learn why not disclosing is worse than facing rejection. Understanding these consequences will show you why disclosure is a must, even if it feels challenging.

Part 6: Telling Your Partner

In part six of our course, get ready for the ultimate disclosure mastery. This module is your ticket to confidently navigating the tricky terrain of disclosing your herpes status to your partner.

Imagine waving goodbye to all those worries about how to bring up the conversation or when to spill the beans. This module equips you with the superpower of having the perfect words at your fingertips, boosting your confidence sky-high.

In this module you'll get full scripts that will guid you through your herpes disclosure. Say goodbye to stressing about how or when to disclose your herpes status. These scripts will have you ready and feeling super confident about the conversation.

This module reveals the three potential outcomes and how to handle each one.You'll be ready for any response – positive, negative, or neutral – after disclosing your status.

Part 7: Rejection

In part seven, get ready for a mind-blowing revelation about rejection and how it's not the end of the world. This module will change the way you see rejection and empower you to move forward confidently.

Ever felt like rejection is solely because of your herpes diagnosis?

No more automatically linking rejection to your herpes diagnosis. The Rejection Reality Check reveals the three important reasons why rejection occurs, freeing you from self-blame and empowering you to move forward.

Rejection hurts, we know that but you'll begin to see that rejection is redirection towards a relationship that will be better for you.

How It Works

You'll find 14 videos crafted to guide you through the nerve-wracking conversation about your herpes disclosure. This course is your all-in-one solution, addressing any questions you might have. From understanding what herpes truly is to mastering the art of disclosure with any kind of partner—past, present, or future—it's all covered. By the end, you'll feel empowered and confident, equipped with the right words and timing for these crucial conversations.

Sneak Peak at the Tell Your Partner Toolkit Videos

How To Use This Toolkit

We'll go over what to expect and how to use this Tell Your Partner Toolkit

Types of Relationships

There are 3 types of relationships that we cover: hookups, wanting long term, and already in a long term. We'll go over how your conversation will differ based on your situation.

Reduce Pain

We talk about reducing the risk of transmission, why it's important to get tested as well as reducing the pain of rejection.

Outbreak Prevention

We talk about ways to reduce the physical pain as well as the emotional pain when it comes to disclosing and not disclosing.

Better Relationship

Telling your partner creates increased trust, increased sex life and allows you to set boundaries.

3 Things That Hold Us Back

When we hold ourselves back we risk the chance of not disclosing as well as not dating. You'll want to know what holds us back.

Herpes 101

This is everything you need to know about herpes so that you can be an encyclopedia and know what to say when your partner asks you questions.

4 Things That Happen If You Don't Disclose

When you don't disclose to your partner you increase guilt, shame, and create lack of trust.

How To Tell Your Partner

This video is will walk you through step-by-step on how to disclose. You'll want to print the downloadable script and take notes.

How Not to Tell Your Partner

There are 4 ways that you shouldn't tell your partner about your herpes diagnosis.

Outcomes To Prepare For

Your partner will respond in 1 of 4 ways. You'll want to know what they are so you can be ready.

When To Tell Your Partner

This is the most asked question and the answer depends on what you want out of the relationship.

How To Handle Rejection

Rejection is inevitable it's just a matter of being prepared for it and learning how move forward.

Go Tell Your Partner

Now you know everything you need to know on how to tell your partner that you have herpes.

How to Start Disclosing ASAP?

  • Get your Tell Your Partner Toolkit

  • Watch the videos & download the worksheets

  • Practice on your dog or in the mirror

  • Make plans with your crush and go do it!

The Investment

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So you're saving $30 and lots of sitting in front of the mirror wondering what to say when you disclose.

About Alexandra, founder of Life With Herpes

Hi! I'm the creator of Life With Herpes and I'm on a mission to educate, entertain and connect with the underserved and often ostracized people living with herpes.

Yes, I have herpes too and I understand the challenges you face.

I created this toolkit from the understanding of how crucial it is to approach this delicate conversation with confidence and clarity. It's about empowering you to have these conversations on your terms, reclaiming your sense of control and fostering understanding.

It's my passion to be here regardless of where you are on your journey of dealing with herpes.


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